Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's a first time for everything


 My Daughter, (who is married and living in Atlanta, (sigh) roasted her first, free range, cruelty free, humanely processed chicken last night! As a cook and a Mom and a true believer in standing up for what you think is right, I could not be prouder at this moment! She and her husband went to the farmers market in their area and found a women that raises these kinds of things. They also found their Thanksgiving turkey there. (that story to follow)
 Well I tried to prepare her for her upcoming adventure in food, and warned her that is was not going to be what she was used to seeing out of the supermarket, and it wasn't! Apparently when unwrapping the pampered little bird she found the neck was still attached! and she flipped out a little bit.But she pushed through and prepared a delicious meal for her and her husband.
 The important thing to learn here is that there are alternative food sources out there we just need to take the time to find them and then when we do support them with our business. The big food companies stopped caring about us and our health a long time ago. For them it's all about the bottom line. Lets face it these little artisan food producers, whether it be chickens, cheese (something I have always wanted to do, and still may when we retiere to the mountains) breads, honey or syrup, are not going to get rich doing what they do, they do it because they care and they love what they are doing.
 So baby steps, you may not be ready to dive right into the whole chicken scene, but the next time your out for a drive on the weekend, stop if you see a market, get out and talk to the people. You will be astounded at the pride and love they put into every bite of food they sell.

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  1. AWWWWWWW!!! YAY! I love this. Thanks mom. You still need to watch Food Inc. and everyone else too. watch it and make baby steps