Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pork Roast

OK, so if you look back in my archives you will find on Oct 21 I did "Leftover Makeover". Well here is the Pork Roast that happened three days earlier.
 The story begins with me sending my husband to the market to get a pork roast and he came home with a huge one 7 3/4 lbs. if I recall. So I plotted on and cooked the monster, only to realize we where going to be eating pork for 3 days in a row! That's how "Leftover Make Over" came about, a delicious enchilada dish I made thanks to some tips from my Daughter on the sauce.

I started with the monster, bone in or boneless shoulder or boston butt roast (but this can be done with any size)
1 head of garlic, 3 tbl. Kosher salt, 3 sprigs fresh rosemary
1 tbl. black peppercorns,olive oil.
in a spice grinder (it's a coffee grinder I use JUST for spices)
add salt rosemary and peppercorns
grind fine (I like to pick it up and shake it wile grinding)
it should look like this


pour olive oil over and rub on

then rub spice blend all over, top, bottom and sides

pour more oil in the bottom of a large stock pot or roasting pan
with a tight fitting lid. Place roast in and about a 1/2 cup of water.
bake covered, in a slow oven, 320 for 3-4 hours remember my roast was 7 3/4 lbs I
went 4 hrs. if your roast is smaller you could go 3 but you can not over cook this, just under cook, so the longer the better.
the meat will fall off the bone when done
when I tried to slice the meat it just fell apart. But that's a very good thing.
If yours does not do this put it back in the over for another 45 min to an hour.

If you have any leftovers you have to try the enchiladas (Oct 21 )


  1. no, well yes, just dont cook it as long, do everything up the the cooking for 4 hours! A 3 lb. bird goes about 1 hour and 20 min