Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let The Holidays begin!

I love October the air begins to cool down. ( here in FL that means 85) and the stores begin there holiday push. I love to wander through Target and see all the Halloween decorations. You just start to get that homey feeling, the anticipation of all the good food just around the corner. The cooler air makes me want to bake or put a big pot of all day stew in the oven. I guess its our way of getting ready for the long winter hibernation.
maybe one reason we laughed so hard
Vampire Kiss Martini
Our first "Girls Night Out" here at Dinner In A Pinch was a huge hit last night, we ate and drank and laughed so hard.
and maybe the second reason
Cotton Candy Martini

Oreo Truffle Lollipops

Tiramisu Bites

But seriously, we had an awesome time, ate some great food and made some new friends. Isn't that what life is all about

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  1. :( Super sad i couldn't be there.... Every thing looks like it was amazing!