Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hello out there! I'm so glad you found me.
 I hope to share with you many tricks and tips on how to get a yummy nutritious meals on the table from the time you walk in the door to sit down, in under 40 minuets.
Sounds so hard to do with all you have going in your lives, kids, jobs, husbands, boyfriends,girlfriends, family, yours and everyone else's. All sounds exhausting doesn't it? well I'm here to help. Through my classes and Blog I hope to help each of you to take the mystery and fear out of cooking. Lets face it it's not rocket science it's just food ,and if you mess it up this time there is always the corner restaurant willing to feed you and your family any day. So don't panic your going to be just fine, you'll get it next try! Just take a deep breath and lets get cooking !

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